String of Pearls

A String of Pearls: Creating a better future from the stories of your past

Learn how to apply the power of expectations, choices and stories to liberate yourself and use those superpowers to your advantage.

A String of Pearls
A String of Pearls – now available on Amazon

What the book is about

This book explains the power of expectations, choices and stories to either confine or liberate you and how to use those superpowers to your advantage. It shows how the experience of ‘being in the flow’ can help you discover a better future to aim for. Then the 7 steps of the “String of Pearls” approach show you exactly how to bring these insights together to imagine that future, design its story, plan your actions, set your priorities and work on creating it.

Why I wrote this book

The core of this book is the “String of Pearls” approach to personal empowerment. This approach was developed by my late wife, Michal Levit. Since her passing, I have used and refined her approach into a coaching instrument that helps people work out what future they want for themselves and how best to get there. I had two reasons to write this book now:

  • I wanted to make sure Michal’s legacy lives on. She was a wise woman and a visionary. She was so far ahead of her time that much of what she was saying did not get the attention it deserved. But times have changed. People have become more familiar with concepts such as emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and the power of storytelling. So I deemed it the right time to put it all down in a form easily accessible to all.
  • We live in uncertain times. The 4th industrial revolution threatens to disrupt and undermine many of the certainties in life we took for granted. Uncertain times may be scary, but they create opportunities, too. I hope this book helps people take more control of their future. It offers ways of using the opportunities offered by disruption to your benefit, rather than let yourself be swept along by the changes washing over us.

Who the book is for

This book is for everyone interested in creating a better future – for themselves and others. In particular, it offers advice, tools and techniques for people that feel:

  • powerless and helpless against forces that feels too big and too strong to resist;
  • overwhelmed by the world’s complexity and bewildering amount of choices;
  • confused by their inner turmoil and contradictory impulses;
  • pressured by the many expectations laid upon them, from many different directions;
  • misunderstood by a world that refuses to see their true worth and potential;
  • hopeful, almost against reason, that a better future is possible for them, if only they knew how to get there.

The material in this book has helped executives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries realise more than even they believed possible. It has helped people rethink their careers and build new ones much more aligned to their passion and sense of purpose in life. And it has proven to be a powerful and practical tool to help people get clarity and energy when they feel they want to change but don’t know what, how or where to start. 

How to read and use the book

The book is a mix of reflections, stories, anecdotes, instructions, and exercises. The first half of the book explains the belief-system and philosophical foundation that the steps in the second half of the book rest on. It is possible to go straight to the instructions and exercises, of course. But they work much better when done with an understanding of the concepts that underpin them. To get the most out of the book, I suggest you absorb the reflections, enjoy the stories and try the exercises at least ones to see how that feels. Then, if it inspires you to go further, reread individual sections and reflect on their significance to your own life and ambitions. Then work through the exercises again, but more systematic and with your full focus this time.

Enjoy the adventure

Finally, I wish for you to see your life as a remarkable adventure, filled with the joy of exploration and discovery. An adventure, most of all, of which you are not just the protagonist but the author as well.

For a preview of the book, click here: “A String of Pearls”.


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