Sometimes it’s not enough to ‘Read All About It’

The Analyst Syndicate covers some of the most urgent subjects facing business and technology leaders today, including:

    • Business models (What’s the hurry?  Where’s the beef? How to avoid land mines.)
    • Alternative approaches (providing unconventional perspectives where they fit)
    • High-impact technologies (emerging and others)
    • Real use cases (not hypothetical fictions)
    • Myth destruction (not promotion)
    • Strategic planning, execution and management perspectives
    • Broader impacts (employment, economics and GDP)

Our collective experience spans technology and business eras. We apply the keen insights and perspective we’ve developed to focus on:

    • The modern internet
    • eCommerce and digital marketing
    • Artificial intelligence and other disruptive emerging technologies (e.g., quantum computing, 5G communications, and blockchain)
    • Cybersecurity, security and privacy
    • Social networking
    • Co-robots
    • Edge computing
    • The internet of things (IoT)

We will tackle some of the key conundrums of the day, such as:

    • The disconnect between AI and productivity and GDP growth
    • The impact of technology on societal governance and how public policy is made
    • The impact of automation on employment and job composition
    • The future of work and changes in basic economic and demographic models
    • The why and how of surmounting barriers to digital transformation
    • Cultural transformation: Should it be an antecedent to success or a consequence?

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