Alphabet’s Wing Aviation ( inaugurates U.S. drone delivery. They are the first firm to receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification. To allow commercial delivery services later this year. Wing has already completed a similar pilot in Australia.

FAA approval is groundbreaking. For the first time FAA is granting air-carrier certification for drone deliveries. Concerns exist. Accuracy, air traffic control, noise abatement and safety.

That is one reason Wing is partnering with Mid-Atlantic Aviation and Virginia Tech University to address concerns and improve deliveries. As well as devise best practices. Per the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot program.(

What to Expect?

  • Location: The Blacksburg metropolitan area.
  • Autonomous Drones will:  Have a 3 foot wingspan. Weigh 11 pounds able to carry a payload of 3 pounds.  Fly under 400 feet powered by electricity.
  • Daylight deliveries only.
  • Certified pilots will operate these drones. Limiting the number of drones airborne at any one time.
  • Drones will hover over predetermined location. With deliveries attached by lines and hooks.
  • FAA approval opens up the door for others, such as, Amazon’s Prime Air ( and UPS ( partnership with Matternet ( for medical deliveries.


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