Predictions 2020: Voice enabled tech will train us to talk with it

Despite limitations, voice enablement will become ubiquitous.

Predictions 2020: RPA Projects Will Strike Gold

By 2025, one third of robotic process automation (RPA) projects will reveal opportunities to accelerate and diversify revenues, but over half of those opportunities will be missed by obsessive focus on the bottom line.

Prediction 2020: The IT-OT civil war remains the CIO’s biggest impediment to digital transformation.

For at least the next three years, CIOs in manufacturing and asset-intensive industries will not be able to avoid the wreckage the IT-OT civil war is causing. This will block enterprises from realizing the full value of their digital transformation investments.

Predictions 2020: New Luddite Underground: Anti-Tech Movement

  By 2025, an anti-tech underground will develop. This movement will focus on disrupting/attacking high tech in business. The roots will be in a displaced workforce focusing on automation, robotics, and AI. This movement will begin with the cancellation of tech jobs. Programmers, analysts, project managers will be the target of increasing lay-offs. In the…

Wawa Data Breach Communication Sets the Right Tone

An open letter to Wawa, Inc., from French Caldwell with contributions from Richard Stiennon. Dear Wawa, Inc., Other than being a regular customer, I hardly know you.  But good job on the crisis response.  Thanks. I’m sure you’ll figure out what went wrong that led to the breach of customer credit card data and what…

Prediction 2020: On-Site Security/First-Responder Drones

By 2025, first-responder drones operated by facilities management entities will be commonplace across residential and commercial complexes.

Prediction 2020: First Virus Written Specifically To Target/Attack Robots

By 2025, Industrial robots will become a target of “bad actors” seeking to disrupt manufacturing and production.

Predictions 2020: Corporate Tech Inequality Increases

Many businesses put themselves at risk through inability to adopt new strategies due to inflexible IT processes, rigid infrastructure and ossified applications.

Predictions 2020: Quantum Sweet Dreams

Through 2024, you will not purchase a quantum computer or rent it in the cloud, unless for training or basic research. But the adventure is worth watching.

Predictions 2020: More cybersecurity laws and regulations

Cybersecurity legislation in the U.S. will continue to accelerate, especially at the state level, where hundreds of new cybersecurity bills will be introduced in 2020.