• 13 years as a telecoms industry analyst with Gartner. Focussed on top-level corporate strategy. In particular, over the last six years, the planning and business modelling of A3 (advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation).  Also, strategic direction and planning for customer experience.
  • Previous to this, worked at Telefonica O2 UK, COLT UK and AT&T UK. Most recently as Marketing Strategy Manager creating the marketing plan and forecasts for O2 UK’s small business customers.  Other roles have including pricing (both standard and non-standard), business modelling, costing, budgeting and management accounting.
  • Educational background includes a first degree in electronics and MBA from Henley Management College.


Important Facts

  • Offers telcos and the vendors that sell to them advise on:
    • strategy creation
    • business case development
    • marketing
    • product management
    • RFP creation or response
  • Visit for regularly updated summaries of recent research


Strong Point of View

  • Assessing the actual financial value of A3 is a skill still in its infancy. But needs considerable focus as calculations done to date would suggest that its actual value will be moderate except in one or two capital-intensive areas of the telco.


Three Posts I have Under Construction

  • Topology of the telecom A3 market
  • Financial Value of A3 in telecoms
  • Progress of automation within telcos

Additional Agenda Items for the Next Year

  • A3 usage and value in telco channels
  • A3 usage and value in marketing


Available For:

  • Offers written research under a subscription model:
    • Market reviews –  detailed analysis of the products available, their popularity and new ideas coming to the market
    • Competitive landscapes – competitive positioning of vendors in the market
    • Market forecasts


  • Also, bespoke consultancy:
    • A3 audits – analysis of company’s strategic positioning and opportunities for new products or approaches to the market
    • Audits of marketing collateral – offering advice on improvements in marketing approach
    • Help with RFP creation or response



Recently finished a diploma in theology and now starting an art foundation course.