David has over 30 years of industry experience focusing on innovation and transformation.  He has worked with organisations from Start-ups to Armed Forces.  With practical experience of complex and uncertain situations in both commercial and conflict zones, David is comfortable with challenging engagements.

Proven at the strategic level and as a futurist and innovator, David is also comfortable at the operational level and getting the job done. He is a firm believer that strong leadership, passion and focus can overcome culture and organisation inhibitors – even in the most difficult of circumstances.

An as a trusted advisor, you can buy David’s services but not his opinion. He may not always tell what you want to hear, but he will always tell you what you need to know.


  • Speaking engagements
  • Independent research
  • Strategic advisory
  • Team workshops
  • One to one mentoring


  • 13 years as a research analyst and advisor at Gartner focusing on enterprise agile, innovation, and transformation.
  • 26 years industry experience at an engineering and C- level. Operational military experience as civilian advisor and mission specialist.

Important Facts

  • 1st industry analyst to speak on enterprise agile in 2007, and later published best practise research on its adoption, risks, and impact on business.
  • Over 9000 hours of strategic advisory to fortune 100 companies including, mentoring, team coaching and longer-term consultancy.
  • Help public and private sector organisations adopt our agile practises across the enterprise - from IT to business capability.
  • Assisted end organisations and technology and service providers with digital from optimization too digital business transformation.

Strong Points of View

  • The agile movement has lost its way and the rush to adopt enterprise agile frameworks is killing true business agility.
  • Organisations are failing to see the enterprise system of systems effects in their ecosystem beyond the obvious integration and technical issues.
  • There was a serious lack of critical thinking in the boardroom, and an over reliance of poorly understood data in decision-making.

Content under construction

  • Organisational Dark Matter – How unseen behaviour's and actions interact to either give you agility or paralysis, growth or stagnation.
  • The Digital Engineer - How agile and DevOps principles will be combined with AI and Digital Twins to increase innovation and develop new business models.