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Current Issues I can help with:

      • Decrease the time it takes to realize strategic value from IT investments
      • Improve the employee engagement of IT staff through better resource management
      • Re-frame the IT portfolio

Four decades of experience in a combination of execution-oriented and thought-leading   roles, including:

      • Silicon Valley (Intel, ROLM, Sun Micro) Trained CFO specializing in technology firms.
      • Program manager specializing in mission-critical initiatives.
      • Product Management (PPM/RM) and Agile Development Center Manager
      • Consultant with Cutter consortium specializing in agile PPM
      • Research VP with Gartner producing thought-leading research on all aspects of strategy execution, the EPMO, and the Strategy Realization office
      • Chief Evangelist for a next-generation software firm

What I cover

      • Practical and effective techniques for executing enterprise strategy
      • How to build a sustainable competitive advantage through People Capability Planning
      • Bottoms-up change management techniques that enable Enterprise Business Agility

Reach and Impact:

      • 7,500 Private client advisory conversations, lifetime
      • 1430 LinkedIn Followers
      • Early PPM thought leader and Founder of the NewGrange Center for Project management (1997-2008), home of the first worldwide PPM community of practice
      • Co-developed Gartner’s original PPM Maturity Model, which was used by thousands of clients for over ten years.
      • Co-developer of the Agile Declaration of Interdependence (2005), now adopted by PMI in their Agile certification.


      • Agility is a mindset that any company can adopt. Unleashing the creativity of employees can make any company a success.
      • Covid-19 accelerated digital change and created opportunities for companies to continue to move fast, no matter how slowly they’d moved in the past.
      • Employees are the only source of sustained competitive advantage. Embracing better work management can shrink disengagement and eliminate burnout.

Content I have under construction

  • The State of Resource Management – 2022