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Three decades of experience in thought leadership roles, including:

  • Federal Executive Fellow at The Brookings Institution
  • Adjunct Fellow at Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Special Projects Officer for Secretary of the Navy
  • Knowledge Management Practice Leader at a large global consultancy
  • Gartner research leader of research communities for technology and public policy; governance, risk and compliance; legal IT
  • Gartner Fellow researching impact of disruptive trends and technology on public policy
  • Chief Evangelist and global head of marketing at a Silicon Valley software firm

Important Facts

  • Author or co-author of over 400 Gartner research notes on GRC and legal IT, business intelligence, cybersecurity, knowledge management
  • Articles and quotes in major publications, including Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Economist
  • Author of a book on international law: Arctic Leverage, Canadian Sovereignty and Security
  • Thousands of followers on Twitter (@iTGuru) and LinkedIn

Strong Point of View

Disruptive technology

Isn’t it amazing that something as simple as micro-blogging, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and others, could create such disruption? Technology is most disruptive when it revolutionizes how societies organize themselves.

Governance, risk and compliance

The market for GRC solutions and services reached a plateau of low growth 4 years ago, with major vendors now duking it out for market share. Regtech solutions could reignite dynamic growth, but it’s questionable as to where the GRC market is open to innovation.

Cybersecurity and data protection

While related, these two topics are vastly different. The first is a strategic business discipline, while the second is an operational function that is basic to any information management process. Tying the two together, as well as incorporating business objectives, is information governance, which is poorly understood in most enterprises.

Three Posts I Have Under Construction

  • GRC vs IRM – it matters what you call the market
  • The FAANGs just don’t get why they make us uneasy
  • What makes disruptive technology disruptive

Additional Agenda Items for The Next Year

  • A book for GRC professionals
  • What the crowd wants from the GRC vendors
  • Rating innovation in GRC vendors
  • Disruptive trends — the role of social amplification

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Content I have under construction

  • The State of Resource Management – 2022

  • Amazon launches mobile AI surveillance operation