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Gartner, Inc.

18 years of thought leadership, project management, collaborative facilitation, and new research at Gartner, Inc

  • Responsible for creating collaborative team of analysts for the new research regarding Mobile Robots at Gartner
  • Co-Author of Gartner’s first Drone Forecast
  • Lead author of Gartner’s first Mobile Robot Hypecycle
  • Co-Author of Gartner’s first Competitive Landscape for Drones
  • Forecast and Market Share for Military/Aerospace Semiconductors
  • Project Manager for Semiconductor Revenue Market Share

LSI Logic

Business Analyst, working as a liaison between Manufacturing and IT.

Important Facts

  • Hundreds of client consultations for Drones, Mobile Robots, Soft Robotics, CoBots, Automation, Semiconductor
  • Gartner lead analyst for Drones, Mobile Robots, Soft Robotics, CoBots
  • Multimedia experience
  • Began career in Statistical and Quality Assurance analysis

Strong Point of View

  • Commercial Drones will continue to grow and outpace Personal Drones
  • Personal Drones still need to find the next big application
  • Watch where technologies can merge and/or jump tracts from other markets and applications

Three Posts I have Under Construction

  • Merging the top technology trends for the year
  • The Future of Assistance Robots (series)
  • What else can I do with My Personal Drone

Additional Agenda Items for The Next Year

  • More technology cross-pollination
  • Where are the nanobots
  • Soft Robotics
  • Android vs. Functionality
  • Robot Behaviorists
  • How Autonomous?
  • Social Concerns

Available For

  • Speaking engagements
  • Webinars and Fireside Chats
  • Private Questions
  • Consultations
  • Market Research
  • More