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Digital strategist with a business development focus, bridging the gap between business and technology to grow digital maturity in the areas of Cyber Security, Artificial intelligence, and Internet-of-Things. Currently focused on publishing thought leadership on Artificial Intelligence and the impact on public policy; Cyber-Security and remediation strategies; and Data Privacy, compliance and risk mitigation. Advisor to Faith-Based Organizations, vendors and other Syndicate clients on market trends, industry insights and addressable market. Hundreds of quotes in business and media outlets, including New York Times, Economist, Financial Times, Investors Business Daily and Wall Street Journal. Research Vice President and Maverick Recipient

Important Facts

  • Advised over 7,000 clients worldwide
  • Invited to speak by Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi on mobility
  • Authored or co-Authored over 400 Gartner research notes
  • Gartner Industry Lead on Adoption of Emerging Technologies, Best Practices for IT Leaders, Drones, Geospatial and Government
  • Gartner Maverick Researcher Recipient
  • Advised Ministry of Presidential Affairs, UAE on mobile devices and apps
  • 900+ LinkedIn Followers

Strong Points of View

  • Technology is the focus of our daily lives and this creates either positive or negative influences on the users. Thus, user attitudes and experiences are always paramount considerations.
  • Technology is reimagining habits for worship and for the worshipper. This requires faith-based organizations to adopt technology frameworks and project management skills.
  • Mobile Commerce and the mobile-app only application will eventually threaten extinction for many retail and pos websites

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