Jim spent almost 20 years as a Research Vice President at Gartner, retiring in 2016. During that time he was a resource in all aspects of applications research. In particular, he was instrumental in developing and evolving research in Application Strategy and Governance, Application Development and Application Portfolio Management (APM). He was one of the originators of the TIME model and the Application Fitness and Value toolkit. Both these techniques have helped the planning and execution of many long running organizational transformations. Jim also played a significant role in vetting market forecasts for select software markets.
Jim’s skill in identifying trends, patterns and problem areas is based on deep knowledge, spanning many generations of hardware and software platforms and methods across the spectrum of large and small public and private enterprises. Jim has spent almost 40 years in the lT industry, spanning many roles from product engineering, product management and marketing. He played both the consumer and provider role in multiple generations of IT products. He developed products, developed marketing plans for products, and deployed technology in large corporations. He held a series of jobs where he applied this broad perspective to product and business development. He also has been a Financial Analyst covering technology sector equity issues.

  • Gartner – Research VP
  • First Albany, Equity Analyst
  • Seer Technologies, Manager of Market Research and Marketing Support
  • IBM , Development Manager, Development Manager and Product Planner
  • Privately-Held Software Distributer – Principal
  • Owens-Corning Fiberglas – R&D Manager, Product and Process Engineer
  • USAF, Systems Architect and Section Head

Engineering degrees from MIT and Princeton. Maintained a Professional Engineering (PE) License for 30 years. Not currently active as a PE.

Important Facts

Authored or co-authored hundred of research reports at as a financial analyst and at Gartner. Over 10000 client phone interactions and hundreds of client site and conference presentations over 19 years.

Strong Point of View

  • Workforces have fewer shared experiences, eroding the effectiveness of traditional development and management techniques.
  • Neglect of the Social and Organizational Change Management challenges of Digital Transformation create existential risks for many organizations.
  • The speed of technology adoption has reduced the ability of large organizations to identify and plan for disruptive innovation.
  • Product and Program management developed on Capital Project are a serious handicap to the survival of large traditional companies.

Three Posts I have Under Construction

  • Technology driven social diversity.
  • Blinded by Science – Why Large Enterprises Miss Disruptions.
  • Superforecasting, Monte Carlo and Black Swans.

Additional Agenda Items for the Next Year

Currently consulting and writing on Digital Transformation, Application Portfolio Management, Agile Methods in Product and Software Development, DevOps, Legacy Transformation and Application Lifecycle Management

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