Connect with Julie

Julie is an independent research analyst supporting technology and service providers from startups to well-established companies. As a former Gartner Research Vice President, she understands the market spending forecasts and has developed innovative ways in helping technology and service providers understand what their business customers need and want. She works with them to develop their unique go-to-market positioning and messaging and helping them develop technology and services that make sense to business buyers. She also works with them to structure their organisations for success.


She has more than thirty-five years of experience in both private industry and working for some of the biggest global technology and service providers.




Technology & Service providers must develop their operating models based on their customer engagement and delivery while focusing on how their offering delivers business outcomes to their customers.


Digital transformation means nothing and everything unless it is clearly defined in terms of business outcomes.


Go to market messaging and position for technology and service providers needs to be completely overhauled.


Engagements For Technology & Service Providers:

  • Product & Service Architecture
  • Go to market, messaging, and content
  • Analyst relations
  • Thought leadership

Engagements For Enterprise Clients:

  • Digital transformation across all major industries
  • Technology and service provider evaluation and selection