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Karen Hobert (Pacific Coast, USA)

  • The Digital Enterprise: Strategy and design: I deconstruct and cut through the “digital transformation” hype through workshops and strategy building services. I help clients develop a common understanding of “digital” in their enterprise and create strategies that focus on business-oriented outcomes through digital decision making. I assist in identifying key challenges to becoming a digital enterprise, learning best practices for overcoming them and using reference architectures for digital decision making.
  • Information and Content: Insights and Strategy: I offer businesses guidance on the creation of information and content services strategies and business cases. I help clients develop their own vision, guiding principles, business case and maturity planning that improve technological decision making. Clients are guided on ways to unify and harmonize current file, document and content capabilities through agreed upon strategies and integrated approaches. I leverage my market knowledge of content services vendors along with industry trends in rich information management, processing and sharing to aid clients in building lasting strategies.
  • Influencing high-impact IT industry and market influencers: I facilitate and coach IT vendors on delivering clear messages that resonate with high-impact industry and market influencers. Business leaders, product managers and analyst relations professionals learn effective methods for delivering differentiating value propositions to analysts, investment agents, and market influencers. Services include, coaching on briefing delivery, strategies for building and maintaining relationships with key influencers, templates and tools for messaging, best practices and dos and don’ts that will improve your image, and insights on the things that drive influencers.

Key offerings: public and keynote speaking, strategy services, workshops and education, analysis and insight, coaching, and technology verification.

Specific topic coverage areas: digital enterprise, content services, collaboration, knowledge and insight, information security, emerging technologies, product strategy, the business-technology intersect and stakeholder management.