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Karen Hobert (Pacific Coast USA)

Making the complex understandable and accessible


Ms. Hobert has over 30 years’ experience in digital technologies covering a broad range of digital business topics, including messaging, collaboration, content services, social, information security, cloud, web applications, and programming. Over that time, Karen, has been a researcher, market analyst, consultant, programmer, educator, project manager, and writer. Karen was a collaborative application design and developer of business process workflows, content sharing, secure information sharing, disaster response, recovery, and risk mitigation. 


Ms. Hobert’s background includes market research analysis and reporting as well as software development and strategic consulting.

    • Karen was a Market Research Director for Gartner’s Content, Insight and Experience team a sub-group of Gartner’s IT Leaders research division
    • Prior to Gartner, Ms. Hobert was a Research Analyst with Burton Group’s Communications, Collaboration and Content Team
    • Karen has spent over 20 years delivering strategic IT planning and advice to enterprises of all sizes and industries. Areas of expertise include:
      • Enterprise IT Strategy Advisory
      • Digital Workplace, Collaboration, Content and Messaging Technologies
      • Information Security & Risk Management
      • Cloud Strategy
      • Business Case Development
    • Ms. Hobert was a collaboration technology pioneer at Lotus Development’s Notes division

Strong Point of View

    • The velocity and impact of technological disruption are accelerating at dizzying speed. Adapting to become a digital enterprise that will survive and grow is a reality. I help you to identify the “why” of digital for your enterprise so you know what you are doing well, what you might need to improve and begin to devise a plan.
    • The intersection of technology and non-profits is a significant market that is untapped and often misunderstood. Working with partners and non-profits offer multi-fold benefits including engaging high-valued individuals looking for more purposeful work. Technology providers must shift perspectives on non-profits that include building a Non-Profit Industry team, go to market and business strategy
    • The challenges technology providers face when working with high-impact influencers are significant and mysterious for technology vendors. Developing repeatable strategies and practices for creating messaging and relationships with market researchers, investors and analysts are benefited by knowing how influencers think and what they need. 

Available For

    • Speaking and workshop engagements
    • Strategy sessions
    • Product positioning and messaging coaching
    • Technology review and selection
    • Writing and content review