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  • 20+ years as Gartner analyst and VP Research–published more than 400 research papers, launched a Summit Conference, and advised thousands of clients
  • Additional experience in cloud services product management and strategy

Important Facts

  • Specialized in technologies and media for one-to-one and one-to-many content distribution and consumption
  • Published best practices and strategic advice for large and midsized companies and for the technologies and service providers they patronize
  • Helped technology and service providers understand and successfully carry out the transition from product supplier to services provider
  • Honed the supplier and product selection process for enterprises in every industry and sector through direct consultation, vendor selection criteria templates, and more than ten Gartner Magic Quadrant reports

Strong Point of View

  • Usable design should be measured and mandated like safety, rather than treated as a convenience
  • The better we understand our cultural differences, the less likely they are to harm us

Three Posts I have Under Construction

  • How technologies such as AI just might help people get along with one another better
    • The grand vision
    • Understanding the factors that will propel it forward and hold it back
  • Outdated best practices and policies that IT departments can finally discontinue—a multipart series

Additional Agenda Items for the Next Year

  • Unintended effects of advancing technology, and the happy and unhappy surprises they may bring

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  • Speaking engagements
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  • Private Questions
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