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Keynote Speaker and Technology Futurist

A senior industry analyst, with deep focus on key technology trends transforming the best practices across the retail and hospitality industries.

Industry Analyst and Technopreneur

Mike has worked with multinational and local businesses across the region and has been extensively involved in the retail and hospitality industry, from technology adoption advisory to digital transformation road map. He studies digital channel strategy, cross-border e-commerce, customer engagement, and machine learning. Mike provides a unique perspective on the business implications of technology investments and offers guidance on how to integrate the right technologies to create dynamic omni-channel consumer engagement. Mike serves a diverse and growing global client base, including major retailers from apparel, chain drugstores, department, grocery, hospitality, hypermarket, large and small specialty, multichannel, and online businesses.

Specific target areas

Robotics, RPA, Machine Learning, IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain

Key offerings

    • Analyst with true industry experience
    • Proprietary industry research and expertise
    • Deep knowledge of IT trends, markets, and vendor solutions
    • Rigorous research and survey methodology

Public speaking

Major retail and hospitality conferences