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Top 3 problems I solve

  • Helping organizations reveal what is hidden, providing both literal interpretation and, when required, an allegorical dimension, to extract, explain, and illustrate deeper understanding of cybersecurity ideas, problems, challenges and solutions.
  • Supporting investment decisions by providing cybersecurity due diligence as a component of investment risk; guiding cybersecurity in next-generation innovation; and evaluating the cybersecurity readiness of a prospective and existing investments.
  • Strategy advisory services for cybersecurity vendors, enterprises, and investors, including: positioning and messaging; product content and marketing; market and competition analysis; vendor selection; investment thesis development; opportunity identification; and technology due diligence.
  • External expert, coach and mentor to cybersecurity executives, company boards, cybersecurity entrepreneurs, and investors.


  • Front-and-center in the cybersecurity industry as an IT auditor and CISO long before either became a vogue-and-fashionable profession, cobbling together forensics, investigation and audit tools to stalk the wily hacker before there was a market for commercial solutions.
  • Helped build the premier first-generation advanced persistent threat startup, driving thought leadership, and envisioning and chairing one of the first industry standards efforts focused on enabling content exchange and inspection across leading cybersecurity solutions.
  • After recognizing (in the mid-1990s) that on-ramp to Internet-enablement required cybersecurity infrastructure, jumped to the vendor / solution side of the table, serving as the top technology, R&D, and strategy executive at three of the largest multinational software companies, before moving into venture capital with a focus on funding and mentoring entrepreneurs driving innovation and introducing emerging cybersecurity technologies.

Important facts

  • Considered an innovator and puzzle-maker in the cybersecurity industry, deft but firm around available strategic choices and directions.
  • Drove market awareness around the interlock of network, systems, storage and security management (NS3M).
  • One of the first thought leaders pushing to merge physical and logical security.
  • First multinational software executive and corporate officer to flag industry failure to write secure program code.
  • Fluent in the art of cybersecurity communication:
    • keynoted major industry, investor, and customer conferences, and sales-team “ra-ra” events;
    • authored multiple articles and chapters published in books and leading industry magazines, websites, blogs, and academic journals;
    • source of hundreds of quotes in busines and trade press.
  • Proven general manager and successful senior leader who came up through the technical and product marketing ranks and provides the big-picture and long-view.
  • Well-versed in the art of cross-border software development and international sales and marketing with global leadership and operational experience.
  • Venture capital leadership with investments in nearly 30 cybersecurity startups and M&A leadership through cybersecurity acquisitions totaling over $5B.
  • Sample of industry leadership activities:
    • Chairman, Cyber Together, the Israeli Cybersecurity Industry Association.
    • Board member and founder, Cyber Security Industry Alliance
    • Co-chair, National Cyber Security Partnership Task Force

Strong Points of View

  • There is no longer a need for cybersecurity brands; best to find a next-generation managed security services provider to cover end-to-end cybersecurity needs.
  • The source of all cybersecurity evil begins with program design, the development of insecure software, and sloppy engineering; solving cybersecurity means shifting left, adopting principles of trustworthy computing, and applying cybersecurity at all points of continuous integration, delivery and deployment of applications and services.
  • The biggest unaddressed threat is the failure to build security into machine learning systems (MLS); failing to consider security in the design of MLS introduces new risks that can have significant impact on business decisions and operations, and our trust in such systems.