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With 7 years of experience in the banking industry and 32 years in IT,  I am an expert on the digital transformation of the banking industry. I’ve covered the breadth of legacy and emerging banking industry technologies -- from check processing and online banking to fintech, APIs and Open Banking. I’ve also created thought leadership and strategies for CIOs. I have counseled financial services companies, technology firms, and investors on product, solution, and investment strategies:



  • Strategies for digital banking transformation and disruption
  • How to leverage Fintech in banking
  • Open banking strategies
  • Multiple device customer experiences in banking


Banking expertise: products/features, consumer banking, consumer demand, customer experience, digital transformation, pulse of the industry, services/features, use cases, use of technology for competitive advantage, voice-of-customer


Banking technology expertise: companies with competitive advantage, demand, emerging technology, fintech, innovators, products/features, pulse of the industry, technologies with competitive advantage, solutions/features, use cases, voice-of-customer


Advisory expertise: business development, business models, C-level relationships, competitive intelligence, cost control, digital enterprise planning, digital transformation, go-to-market strategies, investment strategy, marcomm, predictive, prescriptive, products/features, ROI, services/features, SEW, solutions/features, strategic intelligence, tacit knowledge, tactical intelligence, technology investments


Research expertise: consumer behavior, consumer demand, data sources, emerging technology, Internet research, interviews, pattern recognition, presentations, primary research, public speaking, report writing, secondary research, synthesis, surveys, trend identification & analysis


Global clients: financial services companies, private equity investors, technology companies, technology investors, venture capital firms


Other global relationships: academic researchers, accelerators, conference organizers, entreprenuers, innovators, journalists



Neither legacy banking vendors nor banks can get by with adding new features on out-of-date technology and call it change.
If they seek only to replace them, Fintechs will find disruption of traditional banks harder than they thought.

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  • Prediction 2021: Core Banking Obsolescence