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Steve Hawald has spent 30 years as a technology executive in private and public enterprise businesses with technology strategy, analysis, and roadmaps with execution resulting in high customer and user satisfaction outcomes.

His skill is in identifying evolving trends, disruptive technologies, and complex strategy and innovation challenge areas built on in-depth knowledge, spanning four generations of enterprise transformations, disruptive technologies, and services across the spectrum from Fortune 200 to startups with VCs.

Steve has provided strategic advice to numerous organizations; has written CEO and CIO research on digital transformations, multicloud computing, compliance, cybersecurity, and US CIO with NIST security regulations. He has been a keynote and roundtable speaker on behalf of Gartner (globally), the US Department of Education, and many businesses, education, intelligence, military and technology associations, and their respective clients.

He is an experienced graduate adjunct lecturer and CIO guest lecturer/speaker with demonstrated professional career-based courses in higher education with excellent business, CIO leadership, disruptive technology, open innovation, management development, and strategy.

Coverage includes the Board of Directors, CEOs, and CIOs strategic and open innovation with AI/ML, blockchain, and innovation C-suite research papers, BoD/CEO playbooks, assessments, execution risks, and  vendor insights,

Specialty disruptive technologies and innovation domains:

  • AI Machine Learning - supervised/unsupervised using big data with open source tools-images, NLP, patterns, text strategies
  • Blockchain-2nd Generation with smart contracts, and blockchain-as-a-service adoption, and trends 
  • Central banks digital currency (CBDC) and fiat regulations, adoption, and global trends
  • Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin Risks, Ethereum 2.0-Proof-of Staking playbooks, and services
  • Cryptocurrency - Stable coins - adoption and global trends
  • Data privacy with blockchain identity management using AI/ML
  • Financial Services, Fintech and innovation startups, VCs, targeted research insights, and vendor risk/value briefings
  • Hybrid and Multicloud strategy and risk management
  • RegTech adoption/compliance risks
  • Transformation insights - Aerospace/Defense, Banking Services/FinTech, Education/Universities, Healthcare, and Technology
  • Workforce enterprise dynamics 
  • Work of the Future

Important Facts

Steve held corporate board, executive, lecturer, researcher, and critical global technology roles 

Strong Point of View

  • AI's Machine Learning for Today's Business Use Cases
  • Banking Services with cryptocurrencies, FinTech, Finance, and Security Augmentation Services
  • Board of Directors Playbooks for Today's Governance Alignment to direct, defend, and empower corporations
  • Board of Directors Playbooks for Innovation - Disruptive Technologies Adoption and Use Cases
  • CEO Corporate Board Playbook for Applied Innovation and Technologies to lead, direct, and execute
  • 2nd Generation Blockchain with Smart Contracts and Open Source Apps/Tools
  • Digital Currencies Revolution and Trends
  • RegTech- Global Adoption, Risks, and Trends
  • Intelligent Voice Assist using Machine Language Everywhere

Three Posts I have under Construction.

  • Bitcoin 2022 Risks: Cryptocurrency Outlook
  • Board of Directors Governance Alignment Playbook
  • CEO 2022 Disruptive Tech Management for Survival

Posts I have under Construction.

  • Board of Directors Playbook for 2022 Outlook
  • CEO 2022 Playbook and Recommendations
  • C-Suite 2022 Innovation Adoption Outlook

Additional Agenda Items for The Next Year

  • Board of Directors and CEO Case Insights and Playbooks
  • CEO / CIO Digital Business Innovation and Strategy: Cases and Practices from the field
  • 2nd Generation Blockchain with Smart Contracts for Business 
  • Cryptocurrency and Global Central Bank Regulations and Trends
  • C-suite: Lessons and Insights from FinTech's Services

Available for:

  • CXO Strategic and Innovation Assessments and Planning
  • Corporate Boards Support
  • Workshops
  • Podcasts
  • Private Research

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Content I have under construction

  • Facebook’s Broken Privacy & Security – Is My Data Safe?