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Steve Hawald has spent over 35 years as a technology executive in private and public enterprise businesses with technology strategy, analysis and roadmaps with execution resulting in high customer and/or user satisfaction outcomes.

His skill in identifying service trends, disruptive technologies, and complex challenge areas is based on deep knowledge, spanning four generations of enterprise transformations, technologies and services across the spectrum from Fortune 1000 to startup tech/small companies.

Steve has provided strategic advice to numerous organizations; has written research on TRANSFORMATIONS, multicloud computing, compliance, cybersecurity, PMO/PPM and US CIO with NIST regulations. He has been a keynote and roundtable speaker on behalf of Gartner (globally), US Department of Education and many businesses, education, intelligence, military and technology associations, and their respective clients.

He is an experienced adjunct lecturer and CIO guest lecturer/speaker with demonstrated professional career-based courses in higher education with deep skills in business, CIO leadership, disruptive technology/innovation, project/program management, and strategy.

Coverage includes multicloud adoption and services, CEO and CIO strategic assessments/reviews, cryptocurrency, data privacy, cross-domain secure data transfers, cybersecurity, digital transformations, disruptive services, Higher Ed innovation, multicloud vendors, telework vendors, and workforce continuous learning models.

Important Facts

Steve held corporate board, executive, lecturer, researcher, and key technology roles at:

  • Gartner, Inc.
  • Georgetown University, Center For Professional Studies
  • Hitachi Federal Data Systems Corporation (USA)
  • MCI Telecommunications Corp.
  • Rolls-Royce Jet Engines, Inc. (North America)
  • UnitedHealth Group Incorporated / Dental Division
  • US Department of Education / FSA – Higher Education
  • Vitro Labs / Electronics and Defense Group of the Penn Central Corp.

Strong Point of View

Digital transformations

Digital transformations are high-risk enterprise programs and usually not highly successful. Many programs are canceled and/or scaled back. Disruptive technologies of automation and machine learning introduce increased risks for success. Most actionable roadmaps, without deep thinking on enterprise processes and customer usability outcomes, have a hard time getting it right.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software continues to rapidly expand new enterprise benefits. As RPA vendors continue to improve and inject more smart machine learning, complex risks should magnify for expected customer outcomes and shareholder value. Poorly executed PRA enterprise plans often waste too much money, are executed too fast and create marginal value and new customer problems.

Multicloud adoption

CIOs are finding that their cloud operational cost is continuing to accelerate with vendor lock-in. Going forward, enterprise strategic plans require changes for multi-cloud adoption and mitigation using flexible cloud services architecture.

Disruptive services

Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft disruptive services dominate global users with new digital services. There must be new international and country rules on how these services are regulated and safeguarded for consumers.and data.

Higher Education disruptive models

The digital experience for higher education is changing everything. From pre-admission to graduation, the experiences in the classrooms move to an anywhere/anytime model. This is the new norm for their university experience. Most advanced degrees including PhDs are morphing into digital 7/24 programs. These models use lighter on-campus interactions with disruptive technologies and include augmented and virtual reality adoption for faster learning.

Three Posts I have under Construction

  • ZOOM: CEO of Security Problems, App Cleanup, and Lost Users
  • Enterprise Cloud - 2020: Key Vendors and Perspectives
  • Pandemic Aftermath: CEO 2021-2022 Revised Playbook and Recommendations

Additional Agenda Items for The Next Year

  • CIO Digital Transformation: Cases and lessons from the field
  • Big Tech Disruptive Services: Data privacy, regulations and value for money
  • Higher Education: Innovation, digital students, and tomorrow’s talent
  • Multicloud Vendors: Ratings, risks, and value roundup
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Vendors: Who are the leaders?

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Content I have under construction

  • Facebook’s Broken Privacy & Security – Is My Data Safe?