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STEVE HAWALD is a visionary thought leader, award-winning corporate and government executive, and Fortune 2000 / SME board and CEO business strategy expert who brings over 35 years of experience & research in financial services, technology, government, and healthcare industries. He is a respected thought leader on emerging technology such as AI-ML, blockchain, corporate governance, cybersecurity, ESG, GRC, innovations, regulations, risk resilience, talent, and workforce retention.


Proven Track Record of Successful Executive and Advisory Leadership in Aerospace/Defense, Data Storage-Products/Services, Education-Higher Ed, Government, Healthcare, High-Tech Startups, M&A, and Various Industries.

He had successfully leveraged Emerging Technologies for numerous Innovation Strategies with $1+B Large and SME Complex Transformations & Turnarounds.

His current efforts are: Advising Boards, CEOs, and CXOs, including trending executive strategic research insights on AI-Machine Learning-Bias, Ethics, Regs, Use Cases; Corporate Governance Playbooks-Compensation/Succession, Crisis Management, Cybersecurity, Diversity & Inclusion, ESG Compliance/Reporting, Stakeholder Engagement, and Stakeholder Activism; Edge Computing, FinTech-Blockchain 3.0 Financial Services with Digital Currency Corporate Use Cases, Risk Resilience, Supply Chain-Deglobalization/Regional, and Workforce Engagement/Retention and Emerging Dynamics.


Approach and Philosophy 

I work with other research experts. I respect their advice, make time for deliberate self-reflection with others, am constantly curious and learn in professional development, and seek inspiration through my new coastal environment and friends. I am dedicated to encouraging creative ideas and innovative approaches and developing a collaborative board and client teams where we work together to meet the board, CEO, and C-suite strategic long-term goals.


 Key Practice Areas:

• Acquisition Fit/Value - Tech Market Support/Value Assessment for M&A Team 

• Board of Directors / Board Seat / Advisory Support including Board Audits, ESG and GRC Reviews

• CEO Corporate Board Playbooks and Advisory including ESG and GRC Reviews

• Critical Strategy - Digital Currency, AI's Machine Language-Apps, Ethics, Limitations, Regulations, and Risks, Blockchain 3.0 with intelligent contracts, NLP - Intelligent-Voice Assist 

• Aerospace/Defense, Banking/Financial Services/FinTech, Higher Ed, Healthcare, Technology Sectors for Innovation Novel Use Cases

• Startup Innovation Playbooks - Accelerators/VCs using ecosystems/platforms

With 35 years of hands-on executive high-profile experience, my advisory practice engagements delivered critical corporate innovation, strategic planning playbooks, and advisory services. 


Important Facts

Author or co-author Gartner's research notes on White House, OMB, CIO policies and directives, digital enterprises, multicloud computing, complex program management, cross-domain secure data transfers for DoD, cybersecurity with NIST standards, enterprise risk and governance management, and data/PII privacy.

Presented at over 20 major conferences worldwide and helped over 350 clients resolve their critical issues, including sizeable global 200 technology and consulting organizations for proposal positions

Articles and quotes in large commercial, federal, system integrator, and CIO publications 

Hundreds of followers on Twitter and LinkedIn

Strong Point of View

It's all about leadership, innovation, and people together making it happen for the future!


Board of Directors - Audits, CEO Pay/Succession, Diversity/Inclusion, ESG, Innovation/Strategic Intent Advisory

CEO/CXOs Corporate Board Governance Advisory - GRC, ESG, Innovation and Strategic Playbooks

$50M+ Startups/VCs Innovation and Strategic Playbooks - Accelerators, CrowdSourcing, Platforms, Innovations with Rapid Loop Development with Emerging Technologies

Available For:

On-site/Virtual Speaking and Technology Facilitator Engagements


Private One-hour Conversations and Questions

BoD, CEO, C-suite, CIO On-site Workout Sessions.

Innovation and Emerging Technology Workshops


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