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Gartner, Inc.

  • Twenty-four exciting years as a major thought leader at Gartner, Inc. Two years as global head of Gartner research
  • Continuously reinventing myself and my thinking to deliver provocative insights to thousands of clients worldwide while stimulating several hundreds of people inside Gartner to improve their game.
  • Among many contributions: I created entirely new research areas (such as Gartner’s AI coverage and network computing), drove change in the industry and among its consumers, created new research methodologies and, for the last 13 years, ran an internal disruptive innovation program. GVP and Gartner Fellow.


Brain sciences (biological constraints on learning) were my early passion, a background that equipped me with the skills I needed to master the world of IT as well as much of the new world of AI

Important Facts

  • More than 16,000 private client advisory conversations
  • 900 publications
  • 1500+ Twitter followers
  • 2000+ LinkedIn followers
  • Hundreds of quotes in business and trade press, including the New York Times, Financial Times, and Wall Street Journal
  • Formerly Gartner lead analyst for Google, Adobe, IBM Software, and other firms
  • Renaissance man with strong social, technical, and leadership skills

Strong Points of View

  • All of the breakthrough technologies of this century will be interwoven through our social, governmental, and economic lives. We are no longer dealing with narrowly applied technology. Everything we cover will be essential for the proper functioning of society and life. Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Hype is necessary or evil, depending on who’s doing it.
  • The vast preponderance of AI usage in enterprises will be embedded in other products. We haven’t figured out what the killer applications for AI will be and the technologies are still immature but stimulating. Conversational AI continues to make progress but pressed too hard, it proves it doesn't understand.
  • We don't know how to achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI.) AI has no common sense. That doesn't stop researchers from trying to break through with new discoveries.
  • IT executives are too often dragged down by essential operations issues and not given the opportunity to provide corporate leadership. If you believe that, it will be true for you.

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Content I have under construction

  • Who wins the unobtainium prize, singularity, AGI, quantum computing or fusion energy?

  • Demo Post

  • A critical eye on “The State of AI in 2020”

  • Warning of coming disappointments — AI is neither intelligent nor is it magic

  • AI can be a horror show in the press!

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