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Three phases

  • Digital Equipment Corp (DEC, 1976-2004): Solution engineering, product marketing, product line management, and acquisitions
  • Gartner Inc (1994-2018): World-wide research management, creator of several new, extremely popular, and impactful forms of research, including Gartner Maverick Research, Cool Vendors and Predicts reports; significant leadership responsibilities among the Gartner Fellows; and creation of several new coverage areas, most famously, restarting and leading research on AI and growing AI coverage dramatically from 2012 to 2018. My seminal 2016 paper “Conversational AI Platforms” led industry coverage of a new platform segment and presaged Gartner’s eventual (2022) declaration of that as a major market space. Keynote speaker in demand around the globe.
  • Creation and building of The Analyst Syndicate (TAS) in 2018. With my partner, we grew TAS to thirty analysts in three years.


  • I helped IT industry CEOs and their direct reports to revitalize business strategies, exploit new opportunities and acquire key new technologies or businesses. The acquisitions ranged in size from $5 million to $4 billion (USD.)
  • I provided unconventional insights and substantial thought leadership inside the enterprises that employed me, across the thousands of firms that sought my advice, and across the industry I worked in.  I published over 1,200 research papers and had more than 18,000 client interactions while at Gartner.
  • I consulted widely, across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, China, Japan, and Brazil.

My latest research kicks?

I’m exploring how AI Large Language Models (LLMs) can be used to inform the creation of research products and jumpstart entirely new ways to supercharge the performance of enterprises via LLM-based assistants to their employees. I am also exploring new ways to deescalate those spectacular excesses of industry hype that discourage, not motivate, bold new initiatives.

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Content I have under construction

  • Putting framework properties to work

  • Framework series: Analyzing and drawing conclusions from the data

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