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Conventional wisdom is meant to be broken, and I passionately break things – even the newest things – to reassemble them in entirely novel ways. I create images, ideas, textures, and models no one’s seen before. In my youth, I was into scientific research on the most complex machines of all, brains, but, sensing far more opportunity in computers and information technology, I gravitated to the vendor side (Digital Equipment Corp — DEC) and developed a broad range of skills for 17 years. Then I moved to Gartner, Inc., where I was for a quarter of a century.

At Gartner, I held several titles, including Chief Fellow and worldwide Head of Research. I created several new extremely successful and popular research products such as Maverick Research, Gartner Cool Vendors, and Gartner Predicts. In many ways, “Maverick Research” is one of my signature achievements. I also guided the creation of several new coverage areas, most famously, restarting and leading research on AI and growing coverage from 2012 to 2018. I received “Gartner Thought Leadership” awards for my last several years at the firm for industry-leading work on topics such as “Conversational AI Platforms (2016)” in which I defined the space. I advised CEOs or their direct reports at most of the industry’s leading firms, including helping them create new platform-centered, e-commerce, and cloud-savvy product and service strategies. I created numerous conference series and keynoted many, including several of Gartner’s Annual Symposia in the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Brazil. I was equally prolific in interactions with clients and prospects (over 18,000 one-on-one interactions) and writing (over 1,200 documents published under the Gartner brand.)

After Gartner, I created – and have been running – the world’s best independent analyst collective, The Analyst Syndicate, where we help each other be more successful. My latest research kicks? I am finding ways to deescalate those spectacular excesses of industry hype that discourage, not motivate, bold new initiatives, and I’m exploring how Large Language Models can be used to inform the creation of research products. If I'm not in a creative or provocative mood, you will likely find me socializing with peers and clients and, if the weather’s not too cold, roaming New England in my 1962 Morgan +4 Roadster.

My biographic information can be found on LinkedIn here.

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