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Thomas Otter is the founder of Otter Advisory, which provides advisory services to corporates, technology vendors, and investors in the field of HRTECH and enterprise application software. Thomas built his expertise in research, consulting, strategy, and product management as – most recently – Head of Product at SAP SuccessFactors, and at Gartner as Research Vice President. He has worked with companies from around the world on their technology strategies. Thomas holds a PhD in business administration from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and an LLM in computer law from Strathclyde University.  He is a fellow of the British Computer Society. Thomas currently serves on the board of directors as an NED at HeadHunter Group [NASDAQ:HHR] and Immedis. He is based in Heidelberg, Germany.


HR / HCM Technology
Future of Work
Enterprise Product Management and Go To Market
SaaS and Cloud Product Management


1. HRTECH / WORKTECH will continue to grow faster than almost all areas of enterprise tech
2. Global systems will be threatened by global geopolitical factors
3. AI is overhyped and dangerous today, but will eventually have a major impact on enterprise applications. Most features that are called AI today, aren’t actually AI.