6 Tips for Executives To Present A Better Story

“The art of storytelling can be used to drive change”. Richard Branson To be an effective leader of an organization requires good communication and motivation skills. As a leader you must be able to clearly and succinctly explain everything from organizational goals to specific tasks. Sometimes leaders do not tell good stories when presenting. They…


What Does GDPR and CCPA Mean to Faith Based Organizations?

Do you wonder why websites now give you the option to accept, decline or even read their privacy polices?  The answer is the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR.)   This Regulation expands the rights of EU citizens regarding their personally identifiable information (PII), forever changing how PII is used and stored by…

Apex Predator

How to hold off Amazon and other apex predators

Reading time: 2 minutes “Is AI needed to cure this existential business crisis?” explores several approaches to the relatively common existential fear many executives have of being obliterated by an Internet apex predator. The Wall Street Journal reported on 24 September 2019 that A ‘Grass Roots’ Campaign to Take Down Amazon Is Funded by Amazon’s…

Cyber Security

In Faith-Based Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations We Trust?

President Obama issued Executive Order (E.O.) C.F.R. 13691 to promote private sector cybersecurity information sharing. See  Executive Order No. 13691  For over 1 million faith-based and nonprofit organizations exist in the Unite States alone.  See NonprofitDirectory In 2018 Faith-based Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations, ISAO emerged to help these organizations improve their cyber security posture.…


Avoid Pitfalls in Vendor Selection

You saw software do something your organization cannot do today but should do soon. What do you do?   Capterra blog details how technology is changing how churches connect with its members. As a result, faith-based organizations are adopting and leveraging technology-centric tools and services. To better engage their communities. Avoid the potential for poor…


Healing the Blockchain

While blockchain-inspired technologies are slowly progressing, the full-blown Blockchain suffers from functional flaws and is hindered by a religious belief that decentralization be positively superior to centralization.