Working From Home: Disrupting Workflows and Supply Chains?

The current viral outbreak is pushing significant numbers of knowledge workers – globally – out of office environments to remote locations, including working from home (WFH, aka telecommuting). This is putting an unexpected amount of strain on workflows and enterprises’ ability to manage productivity – and disrupting supply chains needed to deliver basic needs. Working…

Workforce risk management

Connect the DOTS for Covid-19 workforce risk

Your business continuity plan did not foresee the true impact on the workforce of a pandemic.  Now what?  Leaders of businesses and other entities that continue to operate through the pandemic must take charge now with a tactical plan of attack to protect the workforce while also maintaining productivity. To manage Covid-19 workforce risks: Consult…


Chair Ball and Corporate Bungling

Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist Dave Barry once related a story: He claims readers perceived journalists as hard working investigators hitting the phones and slaving over their typewriters to make deadlines. In reality, he said, they could most often be found in the board room wheeling around on the chairs and dunking paper wads into the trash…