Healing the Blockchain

While blockchain-inspired technologies are slowly progressing, the full-blown Blockchain suffers from functional flaws and is hindered by a religious belief that decentralization be positively superior to centralization.


Post Notre Dame de Paris Disaster Will Accelerate Smarter Fire Fighting

A recent Facebook post found on the ( page peaked my interest. This post got me to thinking about how organizations should consider making digital 3D models of buildings to help disaster mitigation and restoration. Many municipal codes already require building schematics to be approved and shared with local fire departments. Expect more collaboration between…


Digital Assistants/Chatbots: What Should Patients Expect?

Digital assistants like Siri , Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant are becoming commonplace  in our houses, devices and apps. Soon these same assistants will begin offering healthcare related services. Here’s a look at what to expect for the next 2 years. Soon these digital assistants may also order our medications or schedule dental cleanings. For…


Is AI needed to cure this existential business crisis?

Reading time: 6:30 In Apex internet predators will devour you I explored Amazonization —  being taken out by Amazon’s mojo — and its predecessor, Walmartization. Many senior business executives secretly shake with fear and anger over what Amazon and Walmart could separately do to their businesses. Consider the stresses on Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies.


Training wheels to protect you at the office: a vision for the future

Could a future application one day help people get along with one another at work? A story about a meeting from the future                      The time is 8:25 AM on a workday, years from now. We join the weekly global team video-conference underway at a successful consumer-products company. I’ll spare you the busy agenda, but point…


Service Robots

Any way you look at it, whether Boston Dynamics, Sony, or another company leaps into the robotic service dog market, there is a clear need for a Service Robot able to perform the tasks of current service animals.