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Are TIPs Finally Converging With SIEMs?

First published at Security Boulevard.   When all vendors in a new product category use the same use case to explain their value, I become concerned. About 15 years ago, when bombs were a constant threat in many parts of the world, I heard multiple vendors of intelligent video surveillance explaining the same use case.…

Book image Security Yearboon 2021

The Ebb and Flow of Cybersecurity Startups

I thought it would be interesting to extract the number of cybersecurity vendors by year founded from the Directory portion of Security Yearbook 2021. At first glance, the result is surprising. Only thirteen new cybersecurity vendors in 2020! A total of 41 the year before. That seems extremely low compared to previous years. Has the…

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2020 Cybersecurity Funding

The following is an excerpt from Security Yearbook 2021. ( Pre-order here for the limited first print run of 2,000.) It originally appeared in Forbes but has been taken down. The lifeblood of the cybersecurity industry is new investments, both in startups and established companies. 272 vendors received additional funding in 2020 based on data…

Paving the road to autonomy

APM Appliances Paving the Way to Autonomous Manufacturing

Just as autonomous vehicles are held out as a potential future for transportation, autonomous factories and plants are a possible future for at least some forms of manufacturing.  With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications in the asset performance management (APM) space, coupled with the fact virtually every control…


Prediction 2021: Blockchain Usage in FinTech

Through 2023, fintechs using blockchain will accelerate critical adoption and use of digital currency services, and smart contracts. Blockchain will accelerate service speed, security and usability. This will enhance business as well as consumer value by reducing cost, the idea that we’ll have fewer cyber risks, and execution errors. Blockchain created many billions of transactions…


Prediction 2021: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Despite COVID-driven tech investments, the majority of manufacturers will fail in digital transformation through the end of 2022. I say this because, while COVID is really driving investment in technologies like AR/VR, Automation, AI, Machine Learning – the applications of these technologies have helped to mitigate the disruptions that COVID has caused – but the…


Prediction 2021: Telecommunication Technology Adoption

My prediction is that only a few telcos, despite their spending power, will become shall we say – in the elite adopters of the combined technologies of Analytics, AI and Automation. Why is this my prediction? Well, it’s going to be just really difficult to do, given the complexity of their existing technology stack and…