Is Cybersecurity Recession Proof?

Few of us think of cybersecurity spending as discretionary. In other words, with the number of reported ransomware attacks, emergency directives from CISA, and Executive Orders, you would think that rising inflation, a stock market crash, and dire warnings from prognosticators like Harry Dent,  would not impact demand for cybersecurity Yet the stock market obviously…


Journey to a Data-Driven Analyst Firm

When I launched IT-Harvest in 2006 I had a vision for a data-driven analyst firm. The name, IT-Harvest, was inspired by the annual olive harvest at Davero Farms hosted by Ridgely Evers the “Father of Quickbooks,” and the CEO of nCircle at the time. I love harvest time–the gathering in, the culmination of each year’s…

Cloud Eats Security

Predictions 2022: Cloud Eats Security

Over the past 20 years, cybersecurity has persistently played an unwinnable game.  In this game, the attacker makes all the rules, sets all the timers, records all the scores, and can walk away from the game anytime without losing anything. Meanwhile, the defenders are encumbered with a cavalcade of rules, tools, and fools: insidious compliance…

two rivers converging

Are TIPs Finally Converging With SIEMs?

First published at Security Boulevard.   When all vendors in a new product category use the same use case to explain their value, I become concerned. About 15 years ago, when bombs were a constant threat in many parts of the world, I heard multiple vendors of intelligent video surveillance explaining the same use case.…

Book image Security Yearboon 2021

The Ebb and Flow of Cybersecurity Startups

I thought it would be interesting to extract the number of cybersecurity vendors by year founded from the Directory portion of Security Yearbook 2021. At first glance, the result is surprising. Only thirteen new cybersecurity vendors in 2020! A total of 41 the year before. That seems extremely low compared to previous years. Has the…

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2020 Cybersecurity Funding

The following is an excerpt from Security Yearbook 2021. ( Pre-order here for the limited first print run of 2,000.) It originally appeared in Forbes but has been taken down. The lifeblood of the cybersecurity industry is new investments, both in startups and established companies. 272 vendors received additional funding in 2020 based on data…