Photograph of a screen showing a slides about Heineken's XOMI
Heineken slide about XOMI Own photographs

The Business Debugger: Beer and Observability Escape IT

I was a guest at .conf, Splunk’s annual event for users and analysts. It was both in person and on line. I was one of the several thousand people there in person, about which I will also be writing. Observability was a big topic, as was Splunk’s journey from log analysis tool to extensible platform. I find observability quite…


Being screwed by big tech? The regulators won’t save you

  It’s in the news all the time – regulators are looking at big tech.  The European Commission threatens big tech with violations of competition law.  In the US, the FTC and DoJ are conducting anti-trust investigations. It’s time to break up big tech, right?  Wrong – it ain’t gonna happen. Now why is that…

Ten Commandments

Ten commandments for new software niche players to follow

What could we do without software? Whether it’s the micrometer I use when adjusting features of the 1930’s tractor engine in my 1962 Morgan roadster, the digital thermometer we bought for the pandemic, the microwave oven we have in our kitchen, the Apple watch I wear or the cloud-based applications I access – software is…


What Does Koch Industries Acquisition of Infor Really Mean?

On February 4, 2020, Koch Industries announced it had acquired the remaining 30% of enterprise software company Infor making it the sole owner.  Golden Gate Capital had primarily held those remaining shares.  Koch has been investing in Infor for the last several years, increasing its share to 70% last year. Given that Koch has had…