The daily beat

Data beats theory Here’s a new empirical study of the impacts of automation and resulting employment changes on high and low wage employees over time. Empirical studies are important because they replace conjecture with reality (but it’s easier to write a paper about conjecture.)


5G Most Disruptive Technology Change Ever

Always look at infrastructure changes to make easy predictions about the future. You could get very rich. A decade ago I attended meetings around the world where the topic was “how can we, as a country, join the Internet revolution?”   Brazil and Columbia stick in my mind. Don’t even get me started on Australia and…


Chromebooks, Network Computing & AI lessons learned

[Reading time 2:30] Key takeaway: Why did it take two decades for Network Computers to finally arrive? Translating vision into reality can take many decades. The delays are exacerbated when a lot of very difficult, non-obvious collateral-innovation is needed. Same with AI. That will take even longer to mature. Fall for clear immediate business outcomes,…