6 Tips for Executives To Present A Better Story

“The art of storytelling can be used to drive change”. Richard Branson To be an effective leader of an organization requires good communication and motivation skills. As a leader you must be able to clearly and succinctly explain everything from organizational goals to specific tasks. Sometimes leaders do not tell good stories when presenting. They…


Connecting the last mile of finance at Workiva Amplify

Key takeaway: Connecting financial close and compliance can help to relieve congestion in the last mile of finance, saving days or even weeks in producing financial disclosures. Workiva Amplify was a hands-on summit. The majority of sessions in this 17-parallel-tracks summit were hands-on sessions with Workiva, and they were packed. And the attendees were younger…

Red Hat

IBM’s CEO Big Bet: Can Red Hat Deal Save Cloud Services Roads to Revenue?

Key takeaway – The Red Hat acquisition can be a win-win for IBM and CIOs’ multicloud strategies, so long as IBM resists the temptation to overload Red Hat solutions with IBM services. IBM’s CEO Rometty acquired Red Hat Inc for $34 billion to turn around cloud computing services. This is IBM’s largest acquisition in over…


Beware of forecasts of immediate massive change for no doubt they’re wrong!

Reading time: 3 minutes Dennis Simanaitis, Engineering Editor for Road & Track magazine from the end of the 1970s to 2012, filled my casual reading with delicious stories galore of the details of automobiles and internal combustion engines for most of that career. Afterward, he began to blog, most recently penning a piece on premature requiems for the internal…


Watch this Airspace

Amazon says that it has conducted 10,000 real-world tests of the MK27 delivery drone. The deliveries must be within 8.5 miles making for a 15-mile round trip. They will begin in rural areas and creep toward more densely populated areas.


Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency: Failure to Launch?

Facebook’s Libra plan is a massive digital cryptocurrency for peer-to-peer payments. It has the appearance as a way to reinvent itself with a new digital disruptive service. This creative destruction financial concept could go in the Silicon Valley record book to break up global banking models. Yet, the Libra plan has three key major challenges…


The New Micro Swarming

It is wise to have a robot/automation strategy for your business that is open to new advancements in this field. This is a technological threshold where swarms of robots will perform a wide variety of different tasks.


Avoid Pitfalls in Vendor Selection

You saw software do something your organization cannot do today but should do soon. What do you do?   Capterra blog details how technology is changing how churches connect with its members. As a result, faith-based organizations are adopting and leveraging technology-centric tools and services. To better engage their communities. Avoid the potential for poor…

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing? Sit back and relax

Quantum Computing is unlikely to start emerging as a business opportunity for at least another five years. Nonetheless, some industrial R&D departments, the finance industry, and security vendors should start playing with it in case they still haven’t.