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When Security Vendors Fail

The following is an excerpt from Security Yearbook 2021. Available for pre-order here. For the record this was first posted to Forbes on March 26, but was taken down by Forbes. Learning from failure is one of the most valuable reasons to study history. Successes like Check Point Software in Israel lead to more investment,…


2020 Was a Very Good Year for Cybersecurity

2020 Performance of Public Cybersecurity Companies When evaluating a year’s history in the cybersecurity industry one valuable measure is the stock performance of those companies that are publicly traded. As can be seen in this chart these 21 vendors did very well in aggregate during 2020. On average they grew 58%. Unlike the Financial Crisis…


Prediction 2021: Ransomware Gangs

Attackers are getting better at targeting at-risk industries and critical infrastructure. This trend accelerated during the early days of COVID when health systems and aid organizations were targeted by human-operated ransomware gangs. Attackers know that, when an organization’s remit is extremely time sensitive, disrupted operation can lead to loss of lives and other severe impacts.…


Why Cybersecurity Architecture?

For the last year, my partner Ed Moyle and I have been writing a book that we wish we’d had when we were starting out in our careers. A practical, no-nonsense guide to security architecture. As experienced technical architects, we know the value of a strategic plan. One way we learned that value, was the…

Network Security

First Quarantine Project

During the enforced isolation and “social distancing” of March 2020, I began to post more often to sites such as, Peerlyst, (where I am an advisor), LinkedIn, and The Analyst Syndicate. In doing so, and with a recent mindset of recording history, thanks to the February 2020 publication of Security Yearbook 2020: A History…


The Demise of Symantec

To listen to a recording of the author reading this column go here. I am picking up on disturbing news about Symantec. First a reseller from Colombia that I was chatting with at the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco informed me that he was there to find a solution to fill a gap created…


Why Are Religious Organizations Under Cyber Attack? – Part 2

Can your organization effectively manage the following scenarios? Hackers take control of your networks and websites. Hackers encrypt your files and hold them for ransom. Hackers steal identity and financial data. Part 2: Adopt These Cyber Security Best Practices: As religious organizations worldwide implement – sometimes hastily – remote work/work-from-home protocols and practices, there are…