Organizations and people in the “unreasonably great research framework”

In Discover unreasonably great research! And exploit it, I introduced the concept of Unreasonably Great Research, characterized it briefly via a framework, and offered two examples. This note is the first in a framework-defining series exploring the various elements of the unreasonably great research framework. Here, you and I will use the attributes of honesty and transparency…

Cutting Edge, Scalpel

Discover unreasonably great research! And exploit it

Most analysts and consulting firms rely on sloppy, biased, junk science to generate numbers to support their findings and recommendations. I’m dissecting published research, looking for reports that guide readers on the uses and value of predictive analytics, studies built on high-quality data, objective analysis, and actionable conclusions. Given the reported high levels of spending…


Predictions 2022: No Predictions This Year

I’m not writing a prediction this year.  I’m no stranger to the predictions cycle that gears up this time of year. For 20 years (paywall) I wrote predictions about fintech and banking technologies and strategies. Like my colleagues, past and present, I’ve had my share of “I was right!” and “I was way off!” moments during…

Hot Air Balloon Flame On

Confronted with too much tech FUD and FOMO?

According to research on loss aversion, FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) is more powerful than FOMO (the fear of missing out), but technology executives and their organizations liberally use both to hype the goods and services they’re promoting. Trying to work your way through everyone’s claims and counterclaims? Here’s what to do. Read all the…

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How SOM Market Sizing Defines Competitive Needs

If you’ve ever tried to figure out what, and how much, your firm can sell over the next quarter or year, then you’ve dealt with the concept of Serviceable Obtainable Markets (SOM). But you may not have seen how directly it translates to your firm’s competitive enablement and positioning. This post briefly examines key aspects…

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What, Really, is A Total Addressable Market (TAM)?

As explained in my previous post, market sizing doesn’t just tell us how much we can sell. It tells us what to make, how much to make, what to invest, who to hire, how to get to market, why customers buy, how to price, what our support needs will be, and more. Failure to adequately…