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It’s not the analysts, stupid!

Key Findings In interviews with 30 analyst relations professionals (ARs), we learned about their challenges, priorities, and professional development needs. Challenges – AR bandwidth is strained Changes in the advisory model are creating confusion Managing internal relations is the biggest AR challenge Priorities – Creating value Managing analyst engagement Leveraging technology and services With respect…


Improving the Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Last week was Splunk‘s 2021 event .conf21, held virtually for the second year and generally offering a great experience and a wealth of content for most people who should be interested in Splunk’s products. I say generally as the video stream slowed down at one point while the platform provider worked out what was happening. This put Splunk’s…

The Analyst Syndicate

Data Privacy: Key Terms

Many people celebrate Merry Christmas on December 25th of each year but not the Eastern Orthodox. They celebrate on January 7th. The reason is discrepancies between the Julian (46 BC) and Gregorian (1582) calendars due to leap years and seasonal equinoxes being omitted. This difference is analogous for many businesses and service providers. As they…

ERP Software

“You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it! (Scott McNealy, 1999) defines oxymoron to mean a combination of contradictory or incongruous words, such as, jumbo shrimp or lead ballon. We enjoy oxymorons so much: many websites exist just to collect examples that enable us to use these figures of speech to illustrate irony, sarcasm or the unexpected, such as, Mike and Phil as leaders are…

A Count down

Reporting from Slack Frontiers

This was my first time attending Slack’s annual event, and of course the 2020 edition was the first virtual version of the event. This was the best virtual event I have attended so far this year by a long way. It was both a superb experience and a great source of insight. Let us look…


Analyst Methodology

First note that the below is not meant to be anything that is sanctioned or even practiced by the other members of The Analyst Syndicate. This is how I conduct research. Consider it a continuation of the guidance provided in Curmudgeon. When I first joined Gartner in 2000 my only experience with its research was…