This week CIO magazine reports. The France-based sporting goods company Decathlon ( for its U.S. debut. Will offer mobile e-commerce payment options. Using only iPhones, Apple Pay and RFID tags. (

Recently, I posted about Amazon’s mobile retail (mobile commerce) initiatives. That debuted in a few small stores. See, Scan-Pay-and-Walk-Mobile-Commerce-Is-No-Longer-Science-Fiction.  Over time, Amazon, due to customer demand, added a traditional cash payment option.

Now Decathlon’s initial effort is with a full size store. Based on a third party’s omni-channel mobile retail platform. Allowing customers to interact with iPhone-equipped employees. To pay for items as they walk around. (

Will it succeed?  

In 2010, a pastor asked his congregation to stop looking at their mobile phones during services. Now this church live streams its sermons and offers WiFi .  This illustration suggests places of worship now act like retailers. To better attract and keep loyal adherents.

It’s a large demographic too.

Nearly 36% of adults living in the U.S. worship once a week. ( That equates to over 100 million worshippers. Many using mobile devices to donate, schedule and watch video content.

What can worshippers teach retailers, such as, Amazon, Decathlon and others?

Both have subscribers (worshippers and customers) for mobile connectivity.

Both offer Apps and WiFi for organizing resources.

Both offer audio and video content for learning, promotions, scheduling and training.

Both offer amenities, such as, childcare, food and beverage, and transportation.

Both operate with social media and technology savvy staff 

The answer is yes but not all places of worship only use iPhones and Apple Pay.