Today, the Analyst Syndicate is thrilled to announce its ranking as the 20th largest analyst firm by ARInsights. The ranking is determined by the number of analysts in each firm of the hundreds in the industry.

ARInsights’ market-leading product, ARchitect, provides the platform on which leading technology companies have built their successful Analyst Relations programs, from one-person AR programs to most of the large AR programs on the planet.

Since opening its virtual doors in October of 2019, The Analyst Syndicate (TAS) has grown quickly by every measure. The firm has transitioned from serving as a technology and business research publisher to assisting the needs of independent analysts. Additionally, it is now coordinating sales and services to better support a growing list of clients seeking insight and guidance.

“We didn’t know so many of our former colleagues wanted to continue to have a role in research or deliver consulting without the burdens of site development, sales management, or building new networks. They can write what they want, build business independently, and still have a voice in a community,” says Tom Austin, founder and managing partner.

During this time, many former Gartner researchers made the transition toward independence. By serving as a focal point for their topical coverage as well as a collaborative mechanism through which they can gain review and even inspiration, TAS delivers new business opportunities and fellowship.

The Analyst Syndicate now serves members around the world, including Richard M Marshall, Principal at Concept Gap in Edinburgh, Scotland, who says “Since joining TAS, I’ve enjoyed the spirited interactions with my peers as well as the chance to lead research collections in critical areas such as the future of work. I’ve also had more leads directed to my own business than I’d ever expected.”

We thank all of our analysts for their membership, influence, and tremendous work. Without you, this achievement would not be possible.

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