Tom Austin

Tom spent twenty-four exciting years as major thought leader at Gartner, Inc. Two years as global head of Gartner research. Continuously reinventing himself and his thinking to deliver provocative insights to thousands of clients worldwide while stimulating hundreds of people inside Gartner to improve their game.  (click image for more ...)

French Caldwell

French has three decades of experience in thought leadership roles. He was Gartner's research leader of research communities for technology and public policy; governance, risk and compliance; and legal IT,  and a Gartner Fellow researching impact of disruptive trends and technology on public policy.  (click image for more ...)

Toby Bell

Toby has spent over 30 years as a global technology executive with experience ranging across enterprise technology strategy, analysis, development, and delivery. A former Gartner VP, his perspectives about idealizing the interplay between people and emerging content, analytics, and process technologies stem from a balanced career as an enterprise end-user, industry analyst, and vendor.  (click image for more ...)

Paolo Magrassi

Paolo is a physicist "lent" to IT. He started as project manager around the world with GE, then managed a $16 million AI project with Siemens in Germany. He was then a Gartner Research VP. He continues to serve as the European Commission’s Independent Advisor on Digital R&D.  (click image for more ...)

Carol Rozwell

Carol has over 40 years of technology experience. Her 20+ years working in the largest global technology analyst firm demonstrates her thought leadership through a series of ‚Äėfirsts‚Äô and multiple maverick research projects. (click image for more ...)

Jim Duggan

Jim spent almost 20 years as a Research Vice President at Gartner, retiring in 2016. During that time he was a resource in all aspects of applications research.  (click image for more ...)

Richard Steinnon

Richard, a security expert and industry analyst, is known for shaking up the industry and providing actionable guidance to vendors and end users. He was the Chief Marketing Officer for Fortinet. Prior to that he was VP Threat Research at Webroot Software. Before Webroot, he was VP Research at Gartner where he covered security topics including firewalls, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, security consulting, and managed security services. (click image for more ...)

Stessa Cohen

Stessa, a former research director at Gartner, is an Internationally recognized expert on the digital transformation of the global banking industry. Her extensive network, skill with research methods, and tacit knowledge are combined to counsel financial services companies, technology firms, and investors on product, solution, and investment strategies. (click image for more ...)

Thomas Otter

Thomas brings 26 years of extensive international experience in enterprise product management and product strategy with a deep focus on HR/HCM technology. He's a former Head of Product at SAP SuccessFactors, and a former Gartner Research VP and lead analyst on SAP. (click image for more ...)

Bill Kirwin

Bill is a recognized thought leader in practical IT economics and performance management. He consults with vendors on positioning thier value proposition with TCO and ROI tools and programs.

Stephen Hawald

Steve is an entrepreneurial senior executive with a record of transforming business, IT, and operations by applying the right technology solutions to reduce budgets and grow new revenue using emerging technology and high-profile transformation programs.  (click image for more ...)

Ken Weilerstein

Ken spent 20+ years as Gartner analyst and VP Research. He published more than 400 research papers, launched a Summit Conference, and advised thousands of clients. He has additional experience in cloud services product management and strategy.  (click image for more ...)

T. Jeff Vining

Jeff spent 15 years being an influencer at Gartner and an International service provider. During this time he developed, honed and reinvented himself in terms of industry insights offered to over 5,000 clients worldwide. Among his achievements are the creation of completely new research areas such as Gartner’s drone, geospatial and public safety technology. As a practicing attorney, he also covers the data privacy landscape and offers business advice on issues arising from complex multi-jurisdictional technologies. (click image for more ...)

Karen Hobert

Karen is a guide with over 30 years’ experience in digital messaging, collaboration, content, security, applications and programming. She’s a researcher, analyst, consultant, educator, project manager and writer. She advances technology goals in strategic, impactful, and humanizing ways. (click image for more ...)

Bruce Guptill

Bruce has spent decades building and managing profitable research, analysis, and consulting practices, typically focused on buy-side behavior analysis. Expert in translating business software and IT services buyer insights into provider-side planning, offerings, positioning, and go-to-market.

Richard Marshall

Richard has experience across a wide range of software industry skills, from coding to corporate governance and strategy by way of being an industry analyst at Gartner. This includes all phases of product development from initial concept through implementation and on to sales, product management and marketing. He is a software inventor, and has held a variety of leadership roles including VP, CTO, CMO, and CEO.

Jay E. Pultz

Jay has forty-five years experience in the IT industry in key across-the-spectrum roles at top-notch companies including Bell Labs, Booz Allen, GE, Chase, and Gartner.  (click image for more ...)

Brad Henderson

Brad has many years of top-level IT leadership experience and serves as a virtual CIO to his clients. He focuses on coaching and mentoring CIO's as well as providing advisory services and thought leadership to the CXO community in IT Strategy, Digital Transformation, IT Optimisation and the launch or recovery of Critical Projects and Programmes.

Dan Miklovic

Dan has almost 50 years of experience in industrial software development, usage and thought leadership. He retired from Gartner as managing vice president for the Manufacturing Industry Advisory Service and then became head of research for Sustainable Collaborations and recently retired as a Research Fellow from LNS Research. (click image for more ...)

Bard Papegaaij

Bard is a philosopher, writer, practitioner and teacher with a deep compassion for the human condition and a burning desire to help people live better lives, do better work and create a more sustainable and socially connected society in the process. Bard believes a completely new approach to leadership and organisational culture is needed to survive and thrive in the Digital Era.  (click image for more ...)

Jim Hines

Jim’s experience includes working as Director of Automotive Products at TechInsights, an intellectual property services firm, where he led the automotive practice. Prior to that, he was Research Director for automotive electronics and semiconductors at Gartner for over ten years, where he published research reports on market trends, SWOT analysis, technology adoption, and market forecasts.

Johan Jacobs

Johan is a Customer Experience Transformation specialist and he provides guidance to vendors and end users. He is passionate about Digital Business and Customer Service and seeing the effects of the one on the other. Targeting low hanging Digital fruit, Johan likes to focus on short term Digital wins while developing the bigger Digital picture. (click image for more ...)

Peter Brooks

Peter has over 30 years of technology and business experience. He has worked at IBM, PwC Management Consulting Services, Wipro, startups, and his on consultancy. Clients have included large, small, and startup firms in technology, financial services, insurance, and other industries. Peter has worked in management, strategy consulting, project management, and programmer roles. (click image for more ...)

Ken Kleinberg

Ken has spent the last 20 years of his 40-year IT career focused solely on healthcare, including 10 years at Gartner, with other former analyst positions at the Advisory Board and Chilmark Research. He has always focused on advanced and emerging technologies, including AI, mobile computing, workflow, and process modeling.

Bob Egan

Bob Egan is an Executive Advisor, Business Leader, Author, and Wi-Fi Pioneer. He's led a market research, advisory and consulting firm that specializes in enterprise mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G Wireless and the Future of Work. Bob has also held executive positions with several Fortune 1000 companies including V.P and Research Director at Gartner, and as a Chief Research Officer at both Mastercard and Corporate Executive Board.

Gerald Van Hoy

Gerald was a Senior Research Analyst with Gartner for 18 yrs. He covered Semiconductors, Robotics, Automation, Autonomy, and other emerging technologies focused on Commercial, Consumer and Military use. His prior positions included Business Analyst and Statistical Analyst working for LSI Logic, CLI, and Verilink.  (click image for more ...)

Biswajeet Mahapatra

Biswajeet has a wealth of experience across many roles: CEO, CIO, Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist, CXO Advisor, and Researcher. His specialties include Digital Transformation Strategy and Consulting, IT Strategy, and CIO Technology Research.

Mike Ghasemi

Mike has worked with multinational and local businesses across the Asia-Pacific region and has been extensively involved in the retail and hospitality industry, from technology adoption advisory to digital transformation road map. He studies digital channel strategy, cross-border e-commerce, customer engagement, and machine learning. (click image for more ...)

Donna Fitzgerald

Donna was a Gartner Analyst for ten years covering resource management and project portfolio management. She currently serves as the Chief Product Evangelist and Chief People Advocate at Prosymmetry. Before Gartner, she gained the experience needed to be an analyst by working as a Silicon Valley CFO, a project manager, a resource management product manager, a corporate training manager, and an agile development center manager. (click image for more ...)

Ron Moritz
An adviser to C-level execs, boards of directors, VCs and PE firms on value-creation activities, Ron launched TrueBit Cyber Partners to provide truth, clarity and confidence in cybersecurity investments and acquisitions. In addition to covering cybersecurity at The Analyst Syndicate, Ron is the cybersecurity venture partner with Jerusalem-based equity crowdfunding firm, OurCrowd, EiR with Australia’s cybersecurity accelerator, CyRise, and principal consultant and researcher with Aggada Cyber.
Diana Kelley
Diana is Co-Founder and CTO of SecurityCurve and donates much of her time to volunteer work in the cybersecurity community. She produces the #MyCyberWhy series and is the host of BrightTALK’s The (Security) Balancing Act and co-host of the Your Everyday Cyber podcast. She is the co-author of the books Practical Cybersecurity Architecture and Cryptographic Libraries for Developers, has been a lecturer at Boston College's Masters program in cybersecurity, the EWF 2020 Executive of the Year, and one of Cybersecurity Ventures 100 Fascinating Females Fighting Cybercrime.
Jeffrey Mann
Jeff has over 25 years of experience as an analyst with META Group and then Gartner. He has covered areas like collaboration, document management, e-commerce, office tools, web conferencing, and workplace strategy. Jeff speaks English, Dutch, French and (some) German. He splits his time between Amsterdam and the French mountains.