Think outside the quadrant

Experience. Insight. Influence. Credibility.

There are many large industry analysis firms—Gartner. Forrester. IDC….

We used to work for them.

But we’re not them. We’re different.

We’re the Uber of analyst firms

The Analyst Syndicate is pioneering a revolutionary new way of delivering impactful analysis, insight, and advice at no cost to readers.

We’re a community—comprised of independent analysts, analysts who are now working in industry, and subject-matter experts from technology firms and service providers; a community that delivers wide-ranging value to both technology buyers and sellers. We also gain and share insights within this broad community of analysts, technology and business executives, and technology and service providers subject matter experts.

Just as Uber and Airbnb have disrupted the businesses of moving and lodging people, the Syndicate is disrupting the way industry analyst firms—and the analysts who drive them—serve our community and clients. We gather and share insights from our community, and we distill them to their essence in a variety of forms including written work, podcasts, briefings and advisory sessions.

We’re off to a great start, building a large team of independent analyst-contributors who will deliver more valuable, insightful content than they could by working individually. Our initial roster is filled with the most senior, well-respected analysts who built their reputations at the world’s top analyst firms.

We are aggressively expanding the team, while also inviting readers to join the community discussion and contribute to a larger, crowdsourced, collective body of insights. The larger the pool of contributors, the more collaborative, ad-hoc research projects our analysts can lead. And, the more insights and discoveries we jointly develop, the greater the value we deliver to readers and clients.

We are a community of influence—and mutual benefit

Few would argue that technology and service providers, investors, media members, and their audiences all benefit greatly from analyst insights. In that regard, all analysts are equal. But some analysts are more equal than others. In our case, the Analyst Syndicate is bringing together top-level contributors whose influence with customers in key markets is well-established:

  • By year-end 2019, we expect to have 35 senior analysts contributing at least 8 articles each year.
  • Our members collectively have more than 500 person-years of experience with analyst firms. We will double that combined experience in a year.
  • Every analyst has influenced (through branded research) approximately $100B of technology spend in various markets. That’s $3.5 trillion dollars in aggregate.
  • With an average of 900 conversations per year, these analysts have collectively advised more than 315,000 technology and business executives.
  • Most have published hundreds of research documents, provided strategic guidance to many companies, given countless presentations, and been quoted extensively by the media and businesses.
  • Each has significant numbers of social media followers and mentions, and participates in numerous online communities. Several are listed among the key influencers in major technology topic areas.

How we work

The Analyst Syndicate is a multi-dimensional platform through which:

  • The world’s best technology and business analysts can publish their insights and recommendations
  • Our discerning readers can extract maximum value from that content
  • Enterprise technology executives, business executives, and technology and service providers can relate to both the creators and consumers of this valuable analysis, engaging with them online in community discussions, through free inquiry, through analyst engagement days, and through retainer-based services


We don’t know all of the world’s best analysts—yet. We’re starting with a core group we do know very well. These are seasoned, widely respected analysts, alumni of the world’s leading technology and business analysis firms. Based on the needs of our readers, we will invite others to apply for membership in the Analyst Syndicate.


Contributors to our platform are not restricted from publishing the same material elsewhere.


We have no paywall. Readers do not pay to access  online content. Many independent analysts also provide free phone and web-meeting inquiry sessions.


The Analyst Syndicate doesn’t do “pay to play.”


Freedom to innovate—yes. Rigid agendas—no. Every author will publish a list of planned research, but they can change it any time, at their discretion.


We will cover emerging technologies (and others that may already have emerged), their impacts on business, and the broader economic, social and governmental implications of the uses of technology. Topic areas include:

Automate and delegate to machines

      • Artificial intelligence/machine learning
      • Autonomy
      • Drones
      • Robotics

Protect, preserve and defend

      • Cybersecurity
      • GRC – governance, risk and compliance
      • Privacy and data protection

Manage and decide

      • Management and governance
      • Rethinking business

Sense, connect and share

      • 5G
      • Biometrics
      • User devices

Engage society

      • Disruptive trends and technologies
      • Environmental, social and economic issues
      • Regulation and public policy

Invest in technology and services

      • Business value of technology
      • Cloud computing
      • Network computing

We invite your feedback on this agenda, as well as ideas about additional content you would like to see.

We also expect to find gems from readers (and authors of gems who deserve to become members of the Syndicate). In the long run, we want to be a primarily crowdsourced font of (sometimes contentious) wisdom.