A recent Facebook post found on the (www.facebook.com/kimkomando) page peaked my interest. This post got me to thinking about how organizations should consider making digital 3D models of buildings to help disaster mitigation and restoration. Many municipal codes already require building schematics to be approved and shared with local fire departments. Expect more collaboration between engineers and fire fighting agencies post Notre Dame de Paris disaster.

The tragic fire that recently burned Notre Dame de Paris captured the attention of the world. As this Cathedral burned. Social media responded indignantly. For example, why are so many firefighters “standing back?” The answer is Colossus.

Colossus is a remote-controlled drone. Designed to combat structure fires. See, (www.shark-robotics.com/en/robot/colossus/).  Its three water cannons focused on the interior. Allowing firefighters to save the roof and exterior.

Post-Fire. French President Macron declared, “ We will rebuild Notre Dame!”

Reconstructing any centuries old structure to its pre-disaster condition is difficult. In this instance, the French–based software game developer Ubisoft (www.ubisoft.com) can help. They created a 3D digital model of Notre Dame. So realistic that it may even be a guide for future reconstruction efforts.

Imagine buildings having 3D digitals models or twins. These twins could enable fire fighters to improve their response. For they could train (virtually) based on selected Twin scenarios. Improving response in terms of equipment, manpower and decision-making.

•Monitor governmental codes for 3D models linked with fire fighter protection and building schematics.
• Integrate standards and policies into operational procedures and job requirements.
• Participate in testing drones and adjust job requirements accordingly.
• Institute digital simulations for training.



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