Prediction 2021: Innovation in Conferencing Technology

Just as end users led many organizations to Zoom in 2020, they will likely vote with their feet for video-conferencing platforms that are more enjoyable to use in 2021. Look for innovations such as – participants ‘share the stage’ instead of having to talk over one another, real-time captioning helps overcome the garbled audio, invitations to get to know work peers better and timekeeping cues to encourage brevity.

Video-conferencing services saved us in 2020, but people find online meetings even more tedious than in person. By supporting skillful meeting management, teleconferencing services can make meetings shorter, more to the point, more inclusive, and more interactive. As the COVID pandemic enters its second year, companies will play to win and not just to survive. Improved conferencing will help them communicate, make decisions and preserve morale better than their competitors.

Companies that favor familiar brand names, ironclad security, or price over their participants’ experience will fall behind.

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