By 2025, first-responder drones operated by facilities management entities will be commonplace across residential and commercial complexes.

The drones will be outfitted with combinations of high-capacity fire extinguishers, medical kits, and sentry equipment.


Currently, first-responder drones are being sold to local municipalities. These drones aid police, fire, and emergency units, and in natural disasters. These machines reduce response times and increase the quality of response. The natural progression will move to on-site drone systems.

There may be some first responder drones being sold to companies and private individuals, but this is uncommon. Security drones are sold to enterprises but mainly as an augmentation of existing systems.

Leading indicators

  • There are several vendors currently selling first-responder drones to municipalities and governments
  • Vendors will expand first responder kits with more tools and capabilities
  • Expanded duties and responsibilities of company and building security



  • Building Management and Operations Officers should investigate insurance rate reductions. These improved systems could save lives and property.


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