Over the past several weeks, members of The Analyst Syndicate (ThAnSyn) created 16 articles[1] sketching out predictions for you. Many of the articles sang out in harmony even though we pride ourselves on being independent analysts – we value diversity in opinion and don’t try to homogenize our positions.

Plan on growing Techlash

Start worrying about it and determining what to do to insulate yourself from its consequences.

  • New Luddite Underground: Anti-Tech Movement[2] is an excellent place to start. Techlash is being driven by several inequalities and overwhelmed users. These actors will get in the way of your realizing opportunities. Two weeks after we published that piece, out came an article in the New York Times ’Techlash’ Hits College Campuses[3]
  • There are numerous other articles that are related to the trends in that seminal article. For example:
    1. First Virus Written Specifically To Target/Attack Robots[4]
    2. Ransomware comes to a town near you[5]
    3. More cybersecurity laws and regulations[6]


Many existing businesses suffer from inflexible IT processes, rigid infrastructure, and ossified applications. For them, transformation is too difficult to achieve. New businesses and those that have already transformed themselves will more quickly innovate their businesses while exploiting the agility afforded by newer technologies such as cloud, event-driven microservice architectures, AI, and blockchain. Learn more in Corporate Tech Inequality Increases[7]

The Centralized IT Stewardship Collapse Accelerates[8]. Over the next five years, global economic stagnation will force IT organizations to do a much better job documenting, communicating, and defending their IT spend. Sixty percent of enterprises will fail to accomplish this, leading to a continuing collapse of centralized IT stewardship.

The train has left the station. Dive headlong into CIO 2020 Predictions: 10 disruptive predictions in an overhyped world![9]

    • Adapt or die: OODA is real
    • Digital is an enterprise strategy, not a tech thing to do
    • Automate, cloudify, and evaluate data with AI/ML
    • Through at least 2023, CIOs in manufacturing and asset-intensive industries will be unable to avoid the wreckage the IT-OT civil war is causing, blocking enterprises from realizing the full value of their digital transformation investments[10]

Protect and defend

The ability to respond is crucial to smart cities and manufacturers

    • Bad actors won’t just be humans
    • Drones are the new EMTs[11]
    • Technical risk[12] is becoming public policy at federal and state levels[13] – the time to respond is now
    • The cybersecurity task force is the new black to deal with new state legislative woes and attacks


The new focus of the enterprise

  • Training can mitigate workers being left behind by tech[2]
  • Outsource and use gig employees[14]

Primary tech innovation occupying the brain trust

AI, Robotics, Automation/RPAs, quantum

    • The AI winter is coming[15] – do you have the right layers to survive it? Where is voice?[16]
    • Meanwhile, RPA Projects Will Strike Gold[17]
    • As Moore’s law inexorably slows – start preparing for quantum[18]
    • Don’t do any of these things for the sake of doing them
    • The future will not be a big bang – it’s evolution rather revolution – try, watch, innovate where appropriate, fail small

Anyone can make a prediction but how good are they?[19] This last article discusses the nature of predictions and trends. It provides criteria for evaluation (completeness, hidden assumptions, the folly of magic, various conventions to use and going beyond the predictions – examine the history and motive of the authors, too.)



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