People congregate in faith-based venues to not only worship but learn and play as a community. Many of these venues organize and empower various health and safety committees to assess, prioritize, contain and remove risks. Now these committees have another resource to consult.

For they now offer multipurpose environments, such as, childcare, community events or even schooling options. Prolonged exposure can affect person’s quality of life. For example, air pollution ( cigarette smoke) or certain chemicals ( disinfectants) affects asthmatics.

On October 2, 2019, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the release of a new EPA booklet, Supporting Healthy Houses of Worship: Effective, Affordable Measures to Protect the Health of Congregations and Staff, (EPA Booklet)

This booklet is designed to both raise awareness and provide Faith-Based Organizations with information on actions they can take to reduce environmental health risks.

In summary, these measures focus on certain environmental factors to both investigate then address. To improve the health of adults and children.

Recommendations for Health and Safety Committees

  • Characterize venue as a home away from home and plan accordingly .
  • Identify and address physical, chemical and biological conditions that affect people.
  • Take steps to prevent or control disease, injury and disability related to people and their environment.

EPA Press Office (

Updated 10.07.2019

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