Training wheels to protect you at the office: a vision for the future

Could a future application one day help people get along with one another at work? A story about a meeting from the future                      The time is 8:25 AM on a workday, years from now. We join the weekly global team video-conference underway at a successful consumer-products company. I’ll spare you the busy agenda, but point…


Service Robots

Any way you look at it, whether Boston Dynamics, Sony, or another company leaps into the robotic service dog market, there is a clear need for a Service Robot able to perform the tasks of current service animals.


Is AI ready to compete with the human workforce?

The social impact of Artificial Intelligence hinges on the potential it has for both competition and collaboration with the human world. If left to develop unchecked its impact can be far-reaching and deeply destabilising. Maybe we should look before we leap, and consider the consequences of letting these new, more powerful and more autonomous machines loose on our world?