The Coming Manufacturing CIO Automation Hangover

Thanks to COVID, manufacturing companies have been investing in automation at a record level over the last twelve months. Management consultancy McKinsey reports that in a survey of 800 executives 67% say they are increasing their automation investments either somewhat or significantly.  The business journal The Economist reports that automation investment nearly doubled in 2020…

Image by Charlotte Patrick

Prediction 2021: Few telcos will Keep Up with the Elite Adopters of AI

It’s not just AI, of course. It’s the effects of the combination of the intertwining of analytics, automation and AI (A3) and the different ways and paces various telcos experiment with and embrace the revolutions that A3 will bring. The differences in ways and paces will create three new and different classes of telcos –…


Opportunity: Use RPA to Help You Save Money

Are some of your business processes inefficient but too complicated to exhaustively reengineer right now? Don’t overlook the ways RPA can automate small and large-scale business processes in most industries and departments. Check out where to start, what actions to take, how to organize your teams, and what to avoid.