Cloud Eats Security

Predictions 2022: Cloud Eats Security

Over the past 20 years, cybersecurity has persistently played an unwinnable game.  In this game, the attacker makes all the rules, sets all the timers, records all the scores, and can walk away from the game anytime without losing anything. Meanwhile, the defenders are encumbered with a cavalcade of rules, tools, and fools: insidious compliance…


2020 Was a Very Good Year for Cybersecurity

2020 Performance of Public Cybersecurity Companies When evaluating a year’s history in the cybersecurity industry one valuable measure is the stock performance of those companies that are publicly traded. As can be seen in this chart these 21 vendors did very well in aggregate during 2020. On average they grew 58%. Unlike the Financial Crisis…


Analyst Methodology

First note that the below is not meant to be anything that is sanctioned or even practiced by the other members of The Analyst Syndicate. This is how I conduct research. Consider it a continuation of the guidance provided in Curmudgeon. When I first joined Gartner in 2000 my only experience with its research was…