Being screwed by big tech? The regulators won’t save you

  It’s in the news all the time – regulators are looking at big tech.  The European Commission threatens big tech with violations of competition law.  In the US, the FTC and DoJ are conducting anti-trust investigations. It’s time to break up big tech, right?  Wrong – it ain’t gonna happen. Now why is that…


Prediction 2021: Autonomy of Social Networks

Massive disinformation campaigns, privacy compromises, and allegations of anti-competitive behavior are threatening the autonomy of social networks. Rather than being a neutral conduit, these networks are now being recognized as publishers with editorial power. International market, legislative and regulatory forces are going to combine to make the networks take responsibility for the hosting of damaging…


Artificial Intelligence: Reimagine Worship and Worshippers

Rev. Billy Graham once stated, “when used correctly tech could do wonderful things” Observer Technology is reimagining habits for worship and for the worshipper. Vendors now offer mobile apps, social media and websites for the faithful. For example, traveling Catholics can access apps or the Internet to locate nearby services. Vendor’s offerings, such as,…