Workforce risk management

Connect the DOTS for Covid-19 workforce risk

Your business continuity plan did not foresee the true impact on the workforce of a pandemic.  Now what?  Leaders of businesses and other entities that continue to operate through the pandemic must take charge now with a tactical plan of attack to protect the workforce while also maintaining productivity. To manage Covid-19 workforce risks: Consult…


How Will Apple, Amazon Google and Microsoft Treat You Pt 3

Part 3 My Future Healthcare In Part 1 we examined the U.S. healthcare market and need for change.  See, How-Apple-Amazon-Google-and-Microsoft-will-treat-you-1 In Part 2 we examined some key challenges and likely market moves. See,   How-Amazon-Apple-Google-and-Microsoft-will-treat-you-2 In Part 3 we examine how Amazon , Apple,  Google and Microsoft  might transform some areas of the U.S. healthcare market? …


Service Robots

Any way you look at it, whether Boston Dynamics, Sony, or another company leaps into the robotic service dog market, there is a clear need for a Service Robot able to perform the tasks of current service animals.