Predictions 2020

Tom Austin’s Tweet-Wrangling Newsletter #2

Should we be patient given disappointing AI implementation rates? Is AI smart enough? What can we learn from fruit fly brains? What else should you know about facial recognition technology? How are Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and FaceBook progressing on their AI work? How valuable is AI to FinTech? What other newsletters are in the works? And where in the world will I be in March and April?


Google’s Kozyrkov and Alexa’s moxie both impress me – what’s your take?

Should you believe any technology today is artificially intelligent? There’s a battle shaping up over standardized interfaces for voice interface technologies. Who’s going to lead the defacto standard? Two stimulating developments: Cassie Kozyrkov, the head of Decision Intelligence at Google, wrote another brilliant blog post: Artificial Intelligence: Do stupid things faster with more energy! According…