Prediction 2021: Innovation in Conferencing Technology

Just as end users led many organizations to Zoom in 2020, they will likely vote with their feet for video-conferencing platforms that are more enjoyable to use in 2021. Look for innovations such as – participants ‘share the stage’ instead of having to talk over one another, real-time captioning helps overcome the garbled audio, invitations…

Zoom Risks

CIO Zoom 5.0 Video Conferencing Risks: Still not failsafe?

Zoom 5.0 video conference service (VS) is not safe for most businesses due to ongoing data security risks! During the COVID-19 tidal wave, many millions in the workforce had to work at home, if possible. Many organizations needed to stand up missing video conferencing services fast. Growing numbers of remote workers adopted Zoom’s no/low cost,…

Independent Analysts

Surviving Hard Times For Independent Analysts

Some form of this post is going to make it into a book I am writing titled Curmudgeon: How to Succeed as an Industry Analyst. I had a good start on the book before talking with Gene Kim shortly after he sold Tripwire to Belkin in December 2014. Gene encouraged me to to put Curmudgeon…